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Where To Here is How Kenjaku Took Over Geto!

The story of Suguru Geto started in 2006, and while his life did end in 2017, his story did not, as someone impersonating him – called Pseudo-Geto – has been a part of the main timeline since its beginning. Now, while Gojo knew that Pseudo-Geto wasn’t Geto, he did not know who it was until it was finally revealed that the mastermind behind this whole scheme was none other than the powerful Kenjaku, a villain that has been around for a long time. Kenjaku used his skills to implant himself into Geto’s body and has been appearing as Pseudo-Geto ever since, even being able to seal away Gojo in the Prison Realm. In this article, we are going to explain how he managed to do it.

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Kenjaku’s Innate Technique (which has not yet been named) allows him to transplant himself into a corpse and thus take over the corpse, along with all of the corpse’s powers and memories. This is how he’s been able to survive for such a long time, and this is also how he managed to take over Suguru Geto’s body once he’s been killed by Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. He did it because he wanted to get his hands on Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation technique.

This story is going to be about two villains from the Jujutsu Kaisen series and how their stories are connected. The villains we are talking about are Suguru Geto and Kenjaku; the former was the principal villain in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, while Kenjaku is the second main villain alongside Sukuna in the main Jujutsu Kaisen series. This article is going to explain how the two of them are connected and how Kenjaku managed to “become” Geto. Be careful, though, as this article is going to be full of spoilers from the series.

Kenjaku’s Innate Technique allowed him to take over Geto’s corpse

Everyone and their aunt knows that the “Geto” we’ve seen in the main timeline is not actually Geto, as the real Suguru Geto died back in 2017. Now, the impostor was for a time called Pseudo-Geto, which makes sense, until it was revealed that it was actually an ancient evil jujutsu sorcerer called Kenjaku, whose Innate Technique allows him to keep his true identity hidden even from the likes of Satoru Gojo. Kenjaku is, alongside Sukuna, the main villain in the series and while we have yet to fully understand his whole plan, we can discuss an important moment from his past, namely – how did Kenjaku become “Geto.”

First, let us tell you what happened to Geto back in 2017. Namely, Suguru wanted to rid the world of non-sorcerers, and it was then that he launched his vile plan to create a new world. But, of course, Gojo and his students were there to fight him, as they couldn’t really allow Geto to execute his plan like that. On December 24, Suguru arrives at the Tokyo School to get Rika, a powerful S-Class Curse, from Yuta, Gojo’s newest pupil. Suguru kills all his opponents and puts up a curtain all around the school. Suguru then encounters Maki Zenin, Panda, and Toge, whom he easily defeats. While Suguru is happy to see exorcists sacrificing themselves for more exorcises, Yuta shows up and then gets angry.

Suguru sends several curses on Yuta and Rika, but he manages to fight back, save his companions, and heal them. Suguru releases additional curses when Yuta rejoins the fight, but Yuta uses Rika’s strength to thwart them. Suguru confesses his desire to own Rika after being able to recognize her ability. Yuta is then engaged in close combat with Suguru, who defeats him, prompting Rika to yank Yuta away from Suguru. The lord of curses discusses his thoughts on non-sorcerers while Suguru confronts Yuta. Suguru manages to break Yuta’s blade as the latter charges at him.

Suguru decides to use his Whirlwind method to unleash all of his curses on Yuta and Rika following a brief debate between the two. Yuta makes the decision to fully unleash Rika’s power at the expense of his life, and together they both blast an energy beam potent enough to exorcise all of Suguru’s demons and drive him away, which was also the moment he was defeated. After having his right arm severed, Suguru declares his intention to possess Rika.

Although he was severely injured, Geto would have survived had Gojo not arrived at the school grounds to help his pupils. Suguru then sees Satoru, and the two start conversing about their past and their futures. Before being done, Suguru gives Yuta his student ID card back. He says to Gojo that he should kill him because, if he does not, he will never stop trying to execute his plan. With a heavy heart, Gojo ultimately kills his former best friend and leaves, choosing not to give his body to the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, which proved to be a major mistake.

Namely, not long after Gojo left, a mysterious entity approached Geto’s body; it was, of course, Kenjaku. Kenjaku has a very special Innate Technique that allows him to transplant his brain into a corpse. He thus becomes that person, gaining all of the person’s powers and memories; a distinctive mark of a Kenjaku-possessed body is a horizontal scar on the forehead, which is proof of the brain transplant. This Innate Technique has not been named but it has allowed Kenjaku to live for many years. It has also made him quite powerful, as he is seemingly able to use all the powers of his previous hosts in the new host. So far, he has taken on the roles of an unnamed young man, the villainous Noritoshi Kamo, Yuji’s mother Kaori Itadori, and Suguru Geto, in whose body he is at this moment.

So, knowing how powerful he was, Kenjaku simply approached Geto’s body, quite possibly as Itadori’s mother, Kaori, since she is his last known host before Geto, used his Innate Technique and became Geto, or – to be more precise – Pseudo-Geto. Why did he do it? Well, the main reason given was that he wanted to get his hands on Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation technique, which he did, but as we’ve said, Kenjaku’s whole plan has not yet been revealed, so we don’t really know what he plans to do with it, save for killing Gojo.

Namely, Tengen, at one point, revealed that Kenjaku had a lot of trouble with members of the Gojo clan, with whom he clashed on more than one occasion in the past, as they would always, with their Six Eyes technique, ruin his plans. This is why he wanted to get as strong as possible to eliminate Gojo, and while he was successful in sealing him away for a time, it simply wasn’t enough as Gojo came back. Kenjaku has, in the meantime, also absorbed Master Tengen, so after Gojo’s fight with Sukuna, we are probably going to see the full extent of Kenjaku’s evil plans.

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